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Open Sea 2019

The Open Sea 2019 was an inter-force, inter-agency and international exercise which, conducted by the Commander-in-Chief of the Naval Squad (CINCNAV) Admiral of Sq. Donato Marzano, represents the main complex training event On Monday 29 April, the Open Sea 2019 began, the most significant air-naval exercise conducted by the Italian Navy from aboard the Portaerei Cavour  aircraft carrier in the waters of the Central and Southern Mediterranean. For twelve days, the activity will be concentrated on training the capabilities of the captains and staff on board of the Naval Squad to conduct operations in possible areas of international crisis. Through the creation of a scenario exercised or characterized by a multidimensional threat and with increasing difficulty, ships and crews will practice the main forms of fighting on the sea and from the sea, such as anti-aircraft, anti-submarine and anti-ship, mine countermeasures, to combat illicit trafficking. on the sea, the management of crisis situations in environments with the presence of conventional and asymmetrical threats, in addition to the management of on-board emergencies and the projection of an amphibious force from the sea onto land in a cyber environment. This year the exercise involves the crews on board of over 40 ships, 5 submarines, over 30 aircraft on board, including naval aviation aircraft of the Navy and naval units supplied by Canada, France, England, Holland, Portugal, Spain and the United States. There are also observers from the navies of 10 partner countries on board the Italian naval units. The Open Sea 2019 also has an amphibious connotation, with the presence of a landing force composed of 400 Navy Fusiliers of the Marina San Marco Brigade, a number of soldiers from the Serenissima Lagoon Regiment of the Italian Army and 180 Fusiliers of Marina del Tercio de Spanish armada. The exercise will end on May 10th.

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