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The Tuna Route

The mattanza is an ancient, traditional method of fishing for bluefin tuna, developed in the traps, in particular in the province of Trapani. The meats of the tuna caught in the slaughter are tastier and more valuable because they are specimens over 100 kg, often with the fish gonads, and are exported a lot to Japanese markets which require large quantities to consume it mainly raw. In 2019, after 12 years of inactivity, someone decides to try again by dropping the nets, with the result of finding a catch of 100 tuna and insufficient tuna quotas to carry out this type of historical activity for the island of Favignana. This type of fishing, however, is almost disappearing due to the decrease in the fish population of tuna due to the increasing pollution of the sea, but above all due to industrial fishing that intercepts schools of tuna long before they approach coastal areas. with the flying traps.

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