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Who and why Sicily burns

The shepherds to have soft grass? Forestry workers to defend their jobs? After a summer with record fires, an investigation into a tragedy that many have become accustomed to. But not all of them .

Sicily is burning, but no gossip. The local news has done its duty, demoralized by the repetition, as for the viability of the counter-exodus or the fury of the water bombs. A seasonal appointment. Just more camurriusu, annoying, than others. Yet, in just three days at the end of the summer, six hundred fires destroyed the enormity of four thousand hectares, including the Zingaro reserve, one of the most sought-after destinations by tourists everywh .Here, in the locality of Altofonte, five different triggers were found on the night of 29 August 2020 . The agronomist shows me how the flames passed near the houses and whispers: "They all know the name and surname of a shepherd who used to set fire to the forest to obtain soft grass for grazing. But since he is considered dangerous, nobody says anything. ". So much so that, during a demonstration against the fires, the mayor complained that there were people from outside listening to her but no fellow citizens. Among the many tracks is that of the "pasture mafia". Anyone investigate? Perhaps.

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