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The Cloister Of Silence

The abbey basilica of San Martino delle Scale (de Scalis) and the adjoining monastery of the Order of San Benedetto of the Cassinese congregation constitute a monumental aggregate located in the hamlet of San Martino delle Scale di Monreal Monte Cuccio and Monte Caputo.The community of San Martino, which is one with the confreres of Nicolosi, gives a voice and guards this grandiose complex; in terms of number we have a total of 18 monks and two young postulants who are committed to incarnating the monastic charism today. In fact, it is this community that collects the inheritance and guards the human, social, spiritual, cultural and artistic heritage and, with humility and delicacy of trait, intends to deliver, in a lucid way, the baton to the future generation. A community that is at the very heart of the Church and lives according to the teaching that monasticism has consolidated for centuries and has pointed to the family of peoples.Thanks to the tireless and generous work of the friends of Hora Benedicta, through a work of high and creative professionalism and "painstaking" work, a dark and blond craft beer was created that has nothing to envy to the beer produced by Belgian monasteries and Germans: this beer then won first prize in Bergamo in a recent national review.

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